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When are Pumps used in Fire protection?

When it comes to fire protection, pumps are used to supply sprinkler/hydrant systems with water, when your local water system can’t provide adequate water pressure to meet requirements.
You’ll need a pump to supply water to your sprinkler or hydrant system if your building is particularly large – like a multi-story hotel or a sizeable warehouse.

Service and maintenance of your pumps - What you need to know

As a manager or owner of a building, it’s your responsibility to make sure the following minimum requirements are met:

  • Most pumps should be inspected weekly. Authorised contractors from Dayshelf Fire Systems will check all pressure gauges, valves, and look for signs of deterioration.
  • Preventative maintenance of your pump should be carried out weekly, monthly, six-monthly and yearly. Exact timeframes depend on the type of pump you have, and the particular component of the pump that must be checked.
  • According to fire protection legislation in Australia, pumps must undergo regular maintenance by someone who has the right skills and experience – and is legally allowed to do the job.


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