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About Fire Hydrant Systems

A fire hydrant system is a safety measure, not to mention a requirement in some buildings.  Providing a source of water to assist fire authorities in a fire, a hydrant system is a strategically located network of valves for fire-fighting purposes.

Service and maintenance of your Hydrant System - What you need to know

As a manager or owner of a building, it’s your responsibility to make sure the following minimum requirements are met:

  • Your hydrant system should be inspected every 6 months. Qualified technicians from Dayshelf Fire Systems will check all valves, the overall condition of the system, as well as individual components for compliance.
  • Preventative maintenance and testing should be done every year; including cleaning pipes, nozzles and changing washers.
  • In most cases, fire hydrant pump sets must be inspected and tested weekly.
  • According to fire protection legislation in Australia, hydrant systems must undergo regular maintenance by someone who has the right skills and experience – and is legally allowed to do the job.
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