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Your Obligation

As the owner, occupier or manager of a building, you are legally responsible for the safety of all people in the building in the event of a fire or other emergency. According to legislation, it’s your duty to appoint and train a Fire Safety Advisor.

What is a Fire Safety Advisor?

  • A Fire Safety Advisor is the person who is trained to quickly evacuate a building during an emergency (including fire).
  • The person you appoint as Fire Safety Advisor MUST have a Building Fire Safety Qualification which is current (issued within the last 3 years).
  • Your Fire Safety Advisor must be familiar with the evacuation procedures for your building, and able to give evacuation instructions to all wardens in the building during an emergency.

When do you need a Fire Safety Advisor?

You should appoint a Fire Safety Adviser if you occupy a building that is classified as high occupancy.

Training a Fire Safety Advisor

Dayshelf Fire Systems is a Registered Training Provider and can provide building fire safety training for your Fire Safety Advisor.


Dayshelf Fire Systems can help you fulfill your training obligations:
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