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About Fire Extinguishers

Using a fire extinguisher to fight small fires can prevent a fire from spreading and limit damage to your property. Not to mention, it will protect your people, and ultimately, it could save lives.

Service and maintenance of your Fire Extinguishers - What you need to know

As a manager or owner of a building, it’s your responsibility to make sure the following minimum requirements are met:

  • Fire extinguishers should be inspected every 6 months or following usage. Your contractor will be looking for things like correct tagging, damage or corrosion, and making sure the extinguisher is easily accessible.
  • All components of the fire extinguisher must be tested for compliance every 6-12 months (exact timeframes depend on the component and type of fire extinguisher)
  • A pressure test should be carried out every 5 years
  • According to fire protection legislation in Australia, fire extinguishers must undergo regular maintenance by someone who has the right skills and experience – and is legally allowed to do the job.
  • Contractors at Dayshelf Fire Systems carry out maintenance for all portable fire equipment, including fire extinguishers, in accordance with Australian Standards (AS 1851-2005 Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment).

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