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A fire protection system that works when you need it

At Dayshelf, our qualified fire protection engineers and system designers understand the characteristics of fires that may occur in different buildings and situations - so we’ll design a fire protection system for you that works when you need it to. After all, the lives of people and your property depend on it.

Save money while maintaining a high level of fire protection

Our fire protection engineers will establish what your individual needs are, and construct designs and project plans to suit. We’ll apply new technologies, extensive knowledge and good judgment, to save you money on construction costs, service and maintenance.

The devil is in the detail

Our team of in-house system designers will prepare detailed and compliant drawings for your project, and ensure they are kept up-to-date and version-controlled throughout your project. On project completion, your drawings are retained within our digital archive should they be required.



Dayshelf Fire Systems can design a fire protection system that suits your needs
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