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About Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is installed as a safety precaution, so people can exit a building in the unfortunate event of a fire or other emergency. Placed in rooms and corridors, emergency lighting will clearly light up a path to the nearest exit. This will allow any people in your building to be able to exit the building safely and quickly.

Service and maintenance of your Emergency Lighting - What you need to know

As a manager or owner of a building, it’s your responsibility to make sure the following minimum requirements are met:

  • Emergency lighting and exit signs must be inspected and tested by a qualified and licensed technician every six months.
  • According to fire protection legislation in Australia, emergency lighting must undergo regular maintenance by someone who has the right skills and experience – and is legally allowed to do the job.

To ensure your property and people are protected, qualified technicians from Dayshelf Fire will regularly inspect and maintain your emergency lighting according to Australian Standards (AS 2293.2 Emergency evacuation lighting for buildings’ standard).



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