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At Dayshelf Fire Systems, we keep up to date with new systems and technologies that exist in the marketplace.

Through research and speaking with manufacturers, we stay well informed - so we can offer you the best fire protection solution available. Our qualified, accredited and licensed technicians are trained to install various types of fire protection equipment, and to ensure your project is carried out quickly and efficiently, we use a software system to make sure you don’t miss out on any vital construction dates. This includes state of the art tracking, run scheduling and asset tracking.


The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service must certify your building work. To ensure this is completed with a minimum of fuss, we manage the process for you.


Before completion, your fire protection system will be fully audited, and an inventory list completed for handover to our Service and maintenance team

Service and Maintenance

To ensure your building will always be protected from the risks of fire, we offer a range of service contracts, tailored to suit your needs.

To discuss the fire protection needs for your upcoming project, call us on 07 5531 1099 or email sales@dayshelf.com.au



Let Dayshelf Fire Systems install and commission your next  fire protection system.
Call us on 07 5531 1099 or email sales@dayshelf.com.au